Fallen Trees and Rainbow – What it’s like to navigate a tropical storm

Moving from Michigan to Hanoi, we would assume that the weather is nicer on the other end. Well, it is for most of the year. We enjoy the sun, thrive in the heat, and smile at the mild winter chill. Then out of nowhere come a typhoon and the mundane daily ride suddenly became a trip to hell. A very wet and cold one.

There was a big storm in Hanoi back in June. While we have seen a lot of rains and floods in Saigon, the storm in Hanoi was on a whole different level.

It wasn’t like, oh hey, there is going to be rain, pick up your raincoat.

It was like, surprise!

And boy was it a surprise. Imagine the heaviest rain in Michigan, and then multiply it by 10. Or 100.

It wasn’t sprinkling. It was downright pouring. And the wind was so strong that it picked up the pouring streams of rain, swirl it around in the air, and throw it at your face.

Luckily, Mr. Frugal and I were both indoor when it happened. And we were smart enough to wait it out. When the most reckless driver in your office chooses to stay behind, you kinda get the hint. Mr. Frugal also witnessed a large billboard fell from the top of his building and crushed a bike parking below. So yes, he got the hint too!

By the time it lightened up and we started to make our way home, the road resembles the aftermath of a battle.

hanoi storm aftermath - life in hanoi
Here we have a leaning lamp post
Fallen trees - Hanoi Storm - Life in Hanoi, Vietnam
Fallen trees

These trees fell to the side. Many trees fell on the roads instead, blocking all traffic. It took us more than twice as long to get home.

But when it’s all over? We are rewarded with a gorgeous rainbow.

Hanoi after storm Hanoi after storm

Hanoi Rainbow IMG_1754 (1)

Hanoi does have a way of making it up to us, doesn’t it?

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